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Three Education Sessions on the management of LCH, HLH and rare histiocytoses will be offered during the Pre-meeting day, October 2, 2017. These sessions are open to all those who are interested. You do not have to be a Histiocyte Society member or attending the full Annual Meeting to register for an Education Session. Entrance to the Education Sessions is free to anyone registered for the full meeting and $50 for anyone who is interested in attending only the Education Sessions. All other Pre-meeting day sessions are open to Histiocyte Society members in good standing only.

These sessions will be focused on introductory information about the diagnosis and treatment of histiocytoses. Those new to the field or who seek a better basic understanding of the histiocytic disorders are encouraged to attend.

Advanced registration is required. On-site registration will not be available for the Education Sessions.

Registration Cost

Registered Annual Meeting Attendees: No Charge. Please register using the link provided in your Annual Meeting registration confirmation email. Advanced registration is still required. 

Education Sessions Only: $50 (USD). Advanced registration required.

Registration closes August 31, 2017 at 5:00pm Eastern (US).


0900 – 1130 HLH
Biology and Differential Diagnosis: Gritta Janka
Diagnosis and first-line treatment of genetic HLH: Jan-Inge Henter
HSCT and salvage options for genetic HLH 

1200 – 1430 LCH
Biology of LCH
Management of pediatric LCH: Kimo Stine
Management of adult-onset LCH Michael Girschikofsky & Abdellatif Tazi 

1500 – 1730 Rare Histiocytoses
JXG and RDD: Oussama Abla
ECD: Julien Haroche
Malignant histiocytoses: Johannes Visser

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