In Memoriam of Dr. Guilio J. D'Angio

May 2, 1922 - September 14, 2018


Dear Members of the Histiocyte Society and Histiocytosis Community,

It is with deep sorrow that I inform you that our beloved colleague, mentor and friend Dr. Giulio John D'Angio, 96, a renowned radiation oncologist, a pioneer in the treatment of pediatric cancer and a founding member of the Histiocyte Society, died on Friday, September 14, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA.

“Dan” D'Angio was a fascinating personality. He never failed to welcome newcomers to our Society by involving them in a friendly talk, encouraging them and giving advice and support whenever needed. He was not only one of the founders of the Histiocyte Society and the author of its original bylaws, but also someone who, over decades, consistently cared for the Society. Although he never held a formal officer position, he did not hesitate to remain actively involved and question policies or Board decisions if he was not convinced that they would best serve our common mission.

I had the privilege to be warmly welcomed by Dan when I joined the Society as a young resident in 1992. It was a privilege to discuss my first scientific papers with him and to receive stimulating ideas and critique that encouraged me to challenge established paradigms and think outside the box.

He was definitively one of the anchors of the Society who attracted and welcomed new members and attendees with unmatched warmth and kindness.

His lifetime scientific contributions to pediatric oncology and the histiocytic disorders as well as his humanistic legacy will serve as an inspiring example for generations of scientists and physicians to come.

We all mourn with his family and will strive to honor his legacy through the outstanding work our Society continues to accomplish because of the foundation he helped to build.


Milen Minkov
President of the Histiocyte Society

P.S. You can read more about some of Dr. D’Angio’s many accomplishments in this news article.


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