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Expert Help Diagnosing and Managing HLH
Last Updated 1/26/23

HLH is a descriptive diagnosis: critical to recognize but equally critical to investigate and treat its many underlying contributors.

The optimal diagnosis and management of HLH depend on dozens of factors – and are constantly evolving with new tests, treatments, and discoveries. Every provider could use some help.

Herein we’ve collected the most recent consensus-based guidance manuscripts, organized by the HS and/or affiliated organizations and authored by HS experts, to assist with the diagnosis and management of HLH across many different contexts.

It is important to remember that these manuscripts reflect the state of the art at their writing. They should inform but not substitute for up-to-date, patient-specific, clinical judgement and providers are strongly encouraged to seek local, regional, or national guidance as needed.

Earliest Steps

  • Shakoory, B. et al. The 2022 EULAR and ACR Points to Consider for the Early Diagnosis and Management of Suspected HLH/MAS (coming soon)

HLH Diagnosis

MAS Diagnosis

HLH in Adults

HLH in the ICU

HLH Requiring HSCT

Malignancy-Associated HLH

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