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About Singapore

About Singapore

Singapore is rich in history and culture. Accounts describing the island date back to as early as the 3rd Century. It has been known by several different names and led by a variety of rulers through the centuries. The modern-day Singapore that we now know began to take hold in the 19th Century thanks to trade and politics. On August 9, 1965 Singapore declared its independence and became a sovereign democratic nation. You can see the rich and diverse history of Singapore throughout the many museums, monuments and memorials throughout the city. 

Today, Singapore is a modern mecca for great food, shopping and events. With so many things to see, there is a never a lack of options for places to visit and take in the culture of this beautiful city.

The city is broken down into 12 districts or neighborhoods, each with many things to offer. 

Restaurants and Dining

There are 5 fabulous dining options at our main meeting hotel as well as many local options throughout Singapore. You can find recommendation and highlights of local food and restaurants on the Eat & Drink page of www.yoursingapore.com.

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Traveler apps

App for That

There are a host of mobile apps to help you navigate your way to and around Singapore. Local food guides, travel maps and more are available at your fingertips! Visit the Maps, Apps & City Guides section of the www.yoursingapore.com website.

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Our main meeting venue is situated in the heart of the Central Business District, also known as the Marina Bay District.  This area offers an array of activities and places to see as well as being close to transportation to get to destinations a little farther away. Local attractions include:

Learn about these sites and more at www.yoursingapore.com.

Still need convincing about the great things Singapore has to offer? Here's are "17 Reasons to Visit Singapore in 2017."

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From the Airport

The closest airport to the Marina Mandarin is Changi Airport. You can find additional information about getting to the Marina Mandarin Singapore on their Location webpage

Taxis are available on the Arrival level of each airport Terminal. It is approximately a 30-minute taxi ride to the hotel. Taxi fare is typically between S$18.00 and S$38.00 depending on the time of travel. There is a S$5 airport surcharge on Fridays-Sundays between 1700 and 2400. All other times, there is a S$3 airport surcharge.

SMRT Public trains are also available to the closest station “Esplanade.” The ride takes around 45 minutes. You can view a map of transportation and calculate estimated fares on the SMRT website.

Airport Shuttle Bus services are available at each terminal of the airport starting at S$9 per passenger. Wait time for the shuttle averages between 15-30 minutes. 

Getting Around Singapore

Taxis are accessible at the entrance of the hotel.

The Esplanade Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Station is within a short 5-minute walk of the hotel. 

For a full listing of transportation, maps and tips for getting around Singapore, visit www.yoursingapore.com.

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